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Aerospace CNC Machining

One of the most important factors when producing parts for aircraft or related systems is, of course, safety.
Regardless of the aerospace project you are working on; every aircraft component must meet the highest industry standards.
There is no room for human error in the production and assembly of an aircraft.
From the smallest interior detail to the plane’s exterior, any flaws or inconsistencies can have devastating effects.

This CNC machining process involves creating CNC machining aerospace parts to assemble and maintain aircraft and space shuttles.
Aerospace CNC machining companies use kits, components, and assemblies which are essential for crafts used in the aerospace industry.
Aircraft parts, ranging from bushings, hinges, clamps, or other custom parts, need to come with high-quality materials.
This is to ensure that these aircraft components function properly without involving any form of danger.
This is why Titanium and Kovar are popular as the most used metals for aerospace components.
Other materials may include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and some types of plastic.

Importance of Precision in the Aerospace Industry

Precision machining is a vital aspect of the aerospace industry.
This industry has loads of high production standards for CNC machining aerospace parts and more stringent safety controls.
Unlike other industries, the aerospace industry requires that dimensions, tolerances, and performance are the tightest and highest possible for every part.
This is to ensure that these parts do not fail in flight.

A single faulty or imperfect component can cause a loss of thousands of dollars in aircraft and space stations.
Furthermore, poor production techniques often lead to huge safety risks to end-users.
This is why aerospace machining companies work hard to meet all of these requirements.
At the same time, they have to ensure that they produce aircraft quickly enough to meet market demands.

Using advanced CNC machining equipment, qualified manufacturer such as Tinheo can produce aerospace prototypes and end-use components for aerospace companies.
Working with aerospace-grade metals and plastics, CNC machine systems can reach tolerances up to 0.002 mm.
Further, sophisticated post-processing and inspection systems can ensure that finished aerospace prototypes and parts are exactly up to standards.

Applications of Aerospace CNC Machining

There are so many applications of CNC machining across different industries.
An aircraft comes with millions of components.
Therefore, there are many manufacturing processes involved in their production.
These processes range from sheet metal fabrication and injection molding to advanced manufacturing processes like aerospace CNC machining and 3D printing.

CNC machining doesn’t only have an important role in the production of aircraft end-use parts.
It also plays a vital part in aerospace R&D.
This role enables aerospace companies to rapidly iterate new component designs, test them and, if needed, edit them.
Aerospace machining companies such as Tinheo can work for aerospace companies and OEMs.
This will help deliver CNC machined prototypes and parts within as little as three days with tolerances down to 0.002 mm.

Tinheo Aerospace CNC Machining Capabilities

At Tinheo, our engineers meet the stringiest of industry standards to revolutionize the CNC machining process continually.
Regardless of the tolerances you need for your CNC machining aerospace parts, our experts have the knowledge and experience to handle them.
We have an excellent record for providing our customers with the highest possible precision.

When other CNC machining companies view your aerospace machining requirements as impossible to achieve,
Tinheo always expects your contact, we are ready to work for you on every detail to ensure that the end product fits your unique requirements.

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