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  • ​CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining has become increasingly vital in the medical industry for several reasons, leading to its high demand and adoption in this sector:


  • In the prototyping industry, the word "mirror surface" is often encountered. Mirror effect, as the name suggests, requires the prototype to be as transparent as a mirror. Among all the processing materials in the acrylic prototype factory, only PC and acrylic can achieve the mirror effect.


  • When machining parts for Aerospace CNC Machining applications, there are many factors to consider, such as the part's shape, weight and durability. These factors will affect the flight value of the aircraft. For many years, the material of choice for aerospace applications has been aluminum alloys. However, in modern jet aircraft, it accounts for only 20% of the structure.


  • Tinheo Molding is a prototype custom processing manufacturer and one of the best among many. The business undertakes home appliance prototypes, robot prototypes, electronic and digital product prototypes, hardware parts processing, lamination processing, etc.


  • Prototype manufacturers are roughly divided into two categories, plastic prototypes and hardware prototypes; plastic is a plastic prototype product, while hardware is common steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, etc.; the processing methods of these two categories are different, because the materials The difference in hardness is huge.


  • Medical CNC parts are an important part of medical equipment, with extremely high precision and reliability requirements. With the aging population and increasing health awareness, the medical equipment market continues to expand, and medical CNC parts are therefore showing a trend of rapid growth. Medical CNC parts are widely used in many fields such as hospitals, clinics, emergency centers and home health care, such as surgical instruments, in vitro diagnostic equipment, ventilators, cardiac pacemakers, etc. The accuracy and reliability of medical numerical control parts have a crucial impact on the treatment effect and safety of patients. Therefore, the quality and performance requirements of medical numerical control parts are very high.


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