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ABS CNC Machining Services


CNC Machining ABS Parts

As a professional CNC machining manufacturer, Tinheo provides professional ABS CNC machining services.
ABS is a comprehensive general-purpose plastic as a material for CNC machining.
ABS has irreplaceable characteristics in the current manufacturing industry.
It offers high impact strength, toughness, and electrical resistance at a low price.
It is also easy to finish, as it can be readily painted, glued, or welded together.

If left as-machined, CNC ABS material will have a matte finish, although it can be somewhat shiny, depending on how it is machined.
The use of plastics covers all walks of life. Compared with metal, stone, and wood, plastic products have the advantages of low cost, strong plasticity, etc.
The plastic industry occupies an extremely important position in the world today.
And the production of plastic products has been developing at a high speed all over the world for many years.

Therefore, a large part of the development and design of products is related to plastics.
For CNC prototypes, CNC machining ABS parts also has a very wide range of needs.
From the analysis of customer demand, it can be said that CNC ABS accounts for half of the use of CNC plastics.

Material Properties

High impact resistance
High rigidity
Heat and chemical resistance
High electrical insulating properties
Abrasion and stain resistance
Structural/Dimensional stability
Good surface brightness

Advantage of CNC Machining ABS Plastic Parts

Favorable price and easy to get

Strong resistance strength and shock absorbance

Good Processing Characteristics
Plastics can be processed into products of various shapes according to the use requirements, and the processing technology is simple, which is suitable for mechanized mass production.

Stable Corrosion Resistance
Plastic has the ability to resist acid and alkali corrosion.

Wide Range of Applications
It is widely used in car shells, ship hulls, and even space shuttles.

CNC Machining ABS Parts Manufacturer in China

One of the most reliable plastic CNC machining services manufacturers in China
Tinheo with a professional engineering team and skilled machines operator, around 100 advanced CNC machining centers, over 15 years’ experience.
Besides ABS, we can also provide PC, PE, PTFE, POM, PMMA, PA, PP , Peek etc plastic material.
Our CNC machining methods include CNC turning, CNC milling and more.
All the work is to quickly produce the customer’s product. If you are seeking a reliable plastic CNC machining service manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wide Application of CNC Machined ABS Plastic Parts

Daily Applications

Commonly used parts include dashboard components, seat backs, seat belt parts, door loners, handles, instrument panels, pillar trim, etc.

Electrical and electronic applications

Electrical and electronic applications like computer keyboards, electronic enclosures, etc.

Multiple every day use home appliances and consumer goods like control panels, housings for vacuum cleaners, food processors, refrigerator liners, etc .

Construction applications

Construction applications like pipes and fittings are made using ABS plastic. This is because of its properties like high impact strength, resistance to rust, and corrosion.

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